Inquiry 3 Proposal

For this project, I am choosing to write a song based on the “call to nature” presented in “The Wild”. My song may or may not have an accompanying video, based on time and technical restraints. I am currently writing it to be in a Bluegrass style, so as to be appropriate with the mountain scene found primarily in the Wild. It is hard to say how long the song will be, but I predict that it will be between 2-4 minutes long, depending on if I want an instrumental break.  My song is about moving away from the everyday stress and restraints of the civilized world, and escaping to the serenity of nature in its purist form. Personally I find time in nature reinvigorating and healing, much as Strayed did. To avoid the Novelty or forced aspect that can appear in works not from direct inspiration to the creator, I am avoiding a finite subjects and leaving the song more about an ambiguous “I”. I felt that writing Strayed’s story directly would have made the song cheesy and un-polished. Currently I am in the process of writing the lyrics and composing music to accompany them. If all goes as plans the instrumentation will include Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, possibly Fiddle and, unlikely but not impossible, Drums.


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