This text, while very theoretic as we were forewarned in the calendar, was surprisingly simple for me to understand. When a work is, as that one, largely based on a reader’s interpretation, I figure what matters are the things I did understand and take out of it, rather than the finer points I may have missed. I also appreciate the Idea of borders and gaps in explain what we don’t understand. Intertextuality will play a major role in Inquiry 3, as the process of relating two separate projects is the basis for that characteristic.For inquiry 3 I need to accurately and seamlessly relate my work to the work I am using, making sure they relate appropriately. I think a modern day example are the songs that sample older tunes within themselves. This is a unique form of Intertextuality, but I defend it nonetheless. Specific examples are the titles  “Booty Swing”, Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”,  and Eminems “Crazy in Love”.


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