Inquiry 3 Brainstorming

I would most likely write a song for this project,music is my forte medium of art. It would take some work as I do not consider myself a skilled songwriter based on past attempts. The subject would also be very difficult.I hate overly cheesy songs, so I would like to polish it and make it sound as if it was meant as a popular songsong to be ingested by the public, not written for the sake of a project. Due to my acoustic preference I may use The Wild as my basis, with its wooded setting I could more easily write a folk tune about it than, say, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.I will likely film myself playing it as the final project to turn in,so I would need to get some decent software on my computer, but that wouldn’t be overly difficult. I may purposefully parody other songs and mash them together, but they would need a common theme for that to work. As of now, a simple acoustic song is my plan, perhaps if I can manage the software i can back myself up with some other instruments. Playing is easy, writing is difficult.


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