Wild Conclusion

I feel as though the ending of Wild was complete. The narrator had finished, more or less, with this phase of her transition and therefore had nothing more to narrate. While I certainly have questions about the story (its impossible to know ones whole life from just a memoir), I feel as though the information that as needed was passed along, and one can make do with what they were given. It was adequate. I’m always a sucker for ending lines, so the last sentence of the book is what rings with me the most. It holds a lot of weight, as what the reader assumes happens next hangs on it, and in Wild we are left with a lingering hopeful future, rather than dwelling on the past.

I believe identity in all ways will shape the reaction to a book. My gender, as I have never been a woman in her position, clearly. Race did not directly affect this book but based on a person’s race can be how they are  brought up, so it still plays a role. Class is an interesting identity to relate to this book, as the book takes place outside of society where class plays no role. Having been hiking and camping before, I was allowed a more personal understanding of what Strayed was doing, a better perception of her situation and what it meant to her.


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