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Short and sweet Academic essay, Paul Nelson provides a quick but cohesive overview of REM and the song in question. He tells the history of the band, a few milestones, but concentrates more on the song, which is beneficial to me. He lays out several key ideas in the song, and also speaks about the actual musical qualities such as non-lyrical vocals and harmonies found in the song.While my main topic will be the content, including some other qualities would better support my argument.

This essay is produced by Paul Nelson himself, in a journal as well as on his personal website. The audience intended is anyone with a basic understanding of music who wishes to learn more about the lyrical and musical components of the song. Nelson includes several sources and gives very statements that are debatable, so the credibility is fine. Written in 2003, it is up-to-date, especially considering the song was released in 1988. By the time Nelson wrote on it it was a thing of the past, therefore he could step back and give an accurate analysis of the work. This essay is going to be very helpful to me, as he discusses the exact aspects that I wish to also discuss in my essay. He also does it in a clear, concise  format that will be easy to understand and assimilate into my own work.

Nelson, Paul. “Pop Music Analysis.” Pop Music Analysis. N.p., 2003. Web. 23 Oct. 2014. <;.

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