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This extended article by Ron Henry goes in-depth into every aspect of the band REM. He answers common questions about the band, about their products, and even the thought process behind some of the major songs. Therefore, the part that concerned me the most was part 3.C., Those darn Lyrics;(sic)and other Music Questions. While of questionable principles, the article also gives information on how to obtain the music and videos and question. I consider this to be an Academic source as it is a well constructed essay with many sources and represented to an audience looking fr information, not looking for an audience.

Published through what appears to be an online Database, and seems to be academically credible. The audience intended to read this would be looking for more in-depth information and the band REM as both artists and an organization. The purpose it to answer many questions a person may have (often formatted in a question-answer style), and provide the resources to further ones study if they so wish. I think it is very credible for it’s purpose; the sources are true and is based in interviews and facts. The currency is a complicated, as it was written in 1997. While that doesn’t appear to be current, the song was released in 1988. With that perspective, this article seems fairly up to date as it is unlikely anything could have happened since then that would change the information, with the song already have existed for 10 years. I don’t foresee this essay being extraordinarily helpful to my essay as it directly addresses the song minimally, but it helps understand REM and gives more sources for me to discover as well.


Henry, Ron. “” Frequently-Asked Questions List (3 of 3)., 5 Jan. 1998. Web. 23 Oct. 2014. <;.

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