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While sensational, this list of 12 instances of Vigilante Justice that outlines the many circumstances that can fall under this title. The List Includes:

  • A 61-year old Man who shot two men robbing a neighboring house when they allegedly approached him on his property: found not guilty under Texas’s Castle Doctrine
  •  A couple who killed a registered sex offender and his wife, and planned to continue down the listings for more victims.
  • The average rate of “justifiable homicides” is 2,200% higher than the national average.
  • A man who killed another after catching him sexually-assaulting his daughter: Found not guilty
  • The website argues that sit-ins and Occupy movements are Vigilante Justice, while not in the standard sense.
  • Bernhard Gomez shot, without killing, four men who attempted to rob him. As they survived and admitted to the attempted mugging, Goetz was acquitted of attempted murder.
  • Another side of Vigilantes, after $2.5 million dollars in damage and two serious injuries occurred, Fire chief of southern Ontario was forced to issue a warning against Vigilante Firefighting.
  • The NoTo Mob is a London based organizations that warns drivers about CCTV cars and helps fight to revoke fines.

This is published on a website, clearly sensationalized. Its audience is intended for people casually interested in reading some engaging stories abou Vigilantes, much like a Buzzfeed list would do. Albeit this list is a little more serious and educational. For its purpose, this list is credible. It has citations and links to news articles that pertain, thus adding credibility.This list was produced earlier this year, and Its subjects are all within the past 30 years, so I consider it current.


“12 Alarming Cases of Vigilante Justice.” 12 Alarming Cases of Vigilante Justice. N.p., 19 Mar. 2014. Web. 12 Oct. 2014.


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