Writing Style and Plot Interest.

Stayed has a very nice writing style that I am certainly enjoying reading. Along with the plot, being in the wilderness is one of my favorite places to be and therefore this book is comfortable. One style I particularly find executed well is flashback; due to the virtually unrelatable setting of the story (for me at least), flashbacks help by putting Stayed in a more normal setting, allowing me to get a better idea of who Strayed is s I am used to evaluating people in normal settings. The setting of “The Wild” is just to foreign to understand, and the motives of actions therefore become much less clear. It is entirely possible that the idea above will be put to use later in the book, with Strayed reasoning and ideas within the Wild and before will be compared side by side to illustrate the dynamic character I’m sure she will prove to be.

There is no specific topic on which I would like to know more, due to the inclusiveness of the story I expect I will earn about many things an am content to learn as the author does. The Wilderness fascinates me, and with so many animals and plants, it is redundant to express exactly how many possibilities of things there are to learn.


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