Retrospect toward Extremely Loud and Incredibly CLose

Luckily, My draft would have changed very little if I had read the entire book before beginning it. I say luckily because, if i came to the end and found that I had completely misinterpreted something, I would have a hard me letting it be and not completely rewriting the paper. I have little questions about the end, because I feel like most of the book was tied of neatly and the question that remained unanswered should stay that way; the mystery was part of the artistry. I was very interested in the Grandparent’s story, and as it evolved I found I enjoyed those chapters as much as I did Oskars chapters, which surprised me because usually in a book written this style I heavily prefer one voice over another. The way the both voices interested me equally gives a lot of credit to the author for creating not one, but multiple interesting narratives to go along side one another.


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