One thing that stood out to me throughout the first chapter of Extremely Loud and Incredibly close is the pattern of a casual approach. Much as seen in the chapter title (not a number) and the multitude of less-official choices for words or sentences, such as flow of thought style reading, the author wishes is to become comfortable with the story being told; to feel emotion as if we were present with the characters. The author wishes to break the wall that is so often present between a reader and the story, as only so much can be conveyed through words. I can conclude about the future of the story, than, that it will be very emotional. To a degree to which, if we did not view the characters as our casual friends, we may view it objectively and thats not what the author wants. Instead, we are to be emotional with them, to wax and wain in our emotions and receive the same revelations in real time, not as an observer merely studying the subjects beneath them.


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