The Onion

Having difficulty with setting up this account, I find myself adding to the discussion later than I would have preferred. As they say, better late then never!

I have a strange respect for the Onions take on news, and the way they go about presenting it to the public. Through satire and rhetoric, the humorists can give raw opinions about topics that, otherwise, would be unmentionable. It is under the guise of humor that these thoughts can be made public. I saw this primarily in one of the posts I read, which I cannot explicitly mention here because of its explicit. However, If i were writing a humoristic peace, I would have no problem with talking about “No one was Murdered because of This Image” (I only mention it to prove that I really did look around, only search this out if you are not of the faint of heart). Talking about the image in a joking matter would make it seem unimportant and easy to talk about, unlike the serious news we are normally confronted with.